Trying it On

It’s been a long day today.  I got up at a decent time in the morning (you know, like a normal working man), so I could go and see a play called ‘Trying it on‘ at the Traverse theatre across town at 10am.

It’s by, and starring, playwright David Edgar.  Here he looks at how he has changed since his radical student days in the 60s, through to today.  He also looks at the generation of radicals around him, and how they have developed in that time. Continue reading

Chris Tavner poster

This was the second Saturday of the Fringe.  As it’s a Saturday, you would expect it to be busy, and we were not let down.

Getting anywhere was hard work, as you had to work your way through throngs of people.  And as is typical of Edinburgh, the weather veered from roasting us alive, to full on thunder storms.  Stupid, stupid weather. Continue reading