Edinburgh diary 31/07/19 – before the storm

Chris Tavner poster

I’ve arrived in Edinburgh late this evening, ahead of the festival beginning tomorrow.  Walking through the City has felt like the calm before the storm.  Because one thing the Fringe is not, is calm.

I finished my last day of work for 27 days, and was given a lift up with my ComedySportz cohorts Bron and Sean.  A brief, necessary stop for the justified expense of Tebay, and we arrived at the Edinburgh flat around 10pm.

But no time to rest, because I then went over to my venue to find my flyers and posters, and then travelled around Free Festival venues where I could put up posters.  Easier said than done, because every square inch is already taken up, practically.

Not that that was enough to stop me, of course.  For instance, if the only gap is over a door opening:

ComedySportz UK Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a bustling city.  Even on a Wednesday night every bar I went in to was busy.  Slightly weird to work around people, sticking up posters in any weird gap I could find.

Before I knew it, it had gone past midnight.  Making my home I walked through the Royal Mile.  Deserted, apart from a few merry drunks in a chippy.  I took this picture to remind myself of the quiet.  I won’t see this for a few weeks.

The Royal Mile

Am I ready for the Fringe?  I don’t think you can be truly, but everything is in place as best I can at this point, just got to throw myself in to it.

My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

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