Edinburgh diary 20/08/19

Geeks, Stand Up

So far, the potential mid week slump has yet to materialise.  The last two days, Monday and Tuesday, have given me full rooms.

The energy levels have not been the best in comparison with past shows, but they have been pleasant enough to perform.

As I’ve found so far, audiences at the Fringe can include many who appear to appreciate a show, but not, you know, in a way that includes vocalising their appreciation with laughter.  Which is a shame, as that’s my favourite bit!

However, each show has had enough good laughers in to carry the rest.  I’ve had some very nice feedback, and my buckets have been very good as well.

I also enjoyed playing the ‘Geeks, Stand Up‘ show, at the Three Sisters.  I enjoy having different types of show to perform at to tailor my material to, and I also did some stuff I’d thought up on the fly that day.

I’ll miss having so many opportunities to perform.  I love feeling this sharp!

Solidarity among performers

A nice thing I have noticed when you talk to other performers, is the concern people have for your well-being.  Sure, you ask each other about how your shows are doing, but most pressing is how YOU are doing.

This feeling of being in the same boat together can be really heartwarming.  Whether you slog away in a small room doing a free entry show, or are in one the big venues, with massive posters all around town, we face a lot of the same pressures.

It’s also great to simply meet new people, as well as bumping in to people you’ve known for years.

On my way to the venue today I bumped in to Rachel Fairburn, and it was nice to catch up.  I did feel pretty bad after though, because seconds after parting company, the heavens opened and it poured down.

If I hadn’t have kept her chatting, she would have got to her destination bone dry.  Instead, I fear she may have drowned, the rain was that bad.  Soz Rachel.

The rain was that bad that it made flyering almost impossible for much of the time I was out.  So I was especially pleasantly surprised to fill the room.

Clouds and silver linings, and all that.

Mat Ewins

Mat Ewins

After my show I headed out and bought a butt load of tickets for shows to watch for my remaining days at the Fringe, forking out over £90.

I only saw one show tonight after that, and that was Mat Ewins.

In simple terms of laughing hard, there are few better than Mat.  He edits together videos in clever, and very inventive ways, and it’s often absolutely hilarious.  I would always recommend Mat as one to see if at the Fringe.

After that I had time to get home, eat, and plough through some admin.  I’ve emailed to chase up reviewers in the hope I can coax some of them to finally come and see my show.

I also emailed a number of contacts that had been given to me by the ‘artist development’ team, after meeting them at the Fringe office yesterday.

Who knows if this will lead to anything, but you have to try.


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.