Edinburgh diary 18/08/19

Ron Davies

As yesterday had been so busy at the Fringe, I knew that I didn’t have to worry too much today for audience numbers.

I awoke in the new digs after a decent lie in, and enjoyed a shower in my own personal bathroom.  Very different to the rest of the Fringe when I was sharing one with up to 11 people at a time.

After that I had a lovely spot of brunch up the road, and around 1pm sauntered over to the Peartree to flyer the beer garden.  Despite the sun, there were only a handful of groups there.

Over at the Assembly Box Office, and it was the same there.  Clearly, I had overestimated the numbers, which meant I now had to push hard flyering.

That also meant I could spend the time convincing myself that the turnout for my show would be poor.

I have many techniques in achieving this.  I can keep pointing out how few people are about, that no one I’ve flyered has said they were coming anyway, that I don’t have a queue forming half an hour before the show, etc, etc.

In the end I had 29 in, just 1 off full capacity.  So it turns out, yet again, I am an idiot.  Although if I’m going to be an idiot, this is the way to do it.

The show itself was probably my favourite one of the run so far.  Really great energy, the crowd were mostly quite young, and up for it.

During the bucket speech I do say that if you are low or unwaged, or a student, then you don’t have to give me money if you can’t afford it.  As it turns out, there were a lot of students, and they took me up on that offer!

Not that I’m complaining.  At this point, I have covered my costs so any money I make now is pure profit.  And I would much rather have a great reaction than a quietly engaged crowd dropping in big notes.

What I did say is that if people couldn’t give money, to instead give me a review or feedback.  I got a couple of lovely tweets:

SymphRONica and Alfie Brown

After concentrating on doing three shows a day, plus guest spots, for the first two weeks of the Fringe, I am now pushing myself to see more shows.

Tonight I got tickets for SymphRONica and Alfie Brown.

SymphRONica is jazz, led by Canadian Ron Davies, with arrangements for strings mixing up classical and modern influences.  For example, one piece brought together musical styles from JS Bach and Metallica!

Some really nice arrangements, I enjoyed the show.  I was also happy to see something other than stand up and improv, which is what I always focus my time on when seeking out shows.

Not that I would complain about seeing stand up when it comes to watching Alfie Brown.  He was superb, and a great example of seeing a seasoned Fringe act putting together an hour.

Would happily recommend either.

Mid week ahead

Now the weekend is gone, I face my final mid week run of shows.  If you’ve read my previous entries you will know that this is when I’m most likely to get lower audience numbers.  Although, I do also just get random days when I’m packed, apropos of nothing.

So ultimately, I have no way of predicting numbers, but can only say I am more likely to have lower numbers mid week.

To counter this I will be paying someone to flyer with me, in the hope that this will help to boost numbers.  It will be interesting to see how this works out.  I should point out that I will be paying them above the Living Wage – I’m not that shit a Socialist!


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.