Edinburgh diary 17/08/19 – Farewell ComedySportz

ComedySportz Three Sisters

I didn’t manage a diary yesterday because I was too busy packing to move out of my accommodation.

No, I’m not giving up on the Fringe just yet.  I have been in a flat share with my chums from ComedySportz, the improv troupe I’m part of.

We have done two shows a day from 1-17 Aug.  The guys got a flat to share for that time, and because I had taken too long to find accommodation for the whole month, I spent the first two weeks plus with them.

That has meant sharing rooms with people to keep the costs down.  Mostly, people who snore, so that has not helped with my beauty sleep.

But that has also meant sharing so much time with really great friends, including taking time to watch shows with them, and generally hang out.  Booze and terrible take out food also had a role to play in this.

It feels weird to think that I won’t be spending time with them for the rest of the Fringe.

If any of you are reading this, I love you all – part of my family.

Moving on

So today I moved in to my new accommodation.  I’m living with the guys who run the The Big Gay Story Slam, that I took part in last week, who have come over from LA.

This is a modern student accommodation block.  A row of 5 rooms, with a kitchen/living area at the end.

I have my own en-suite bathroom, and it is pristine in it’s cleanliness and presentation.  It’s a real flip-side to where I’ve just been – my own room, cut off from people, but clean and comfy.

Even in the kitchen there was literally only a couple of glasses and some cutlery left in the sink, rather than dirty dishes being piled heroically high, as if challenging a record.  Very strange!

I decided after doing my show, and a spot at the Laughing Horse ‘Pick of the Fringe’ night, that I would have a quiet night in, get a bottle of wine and watch Match of the Day.

In the end, I ended up chatting until 2am with my new housemates about everything from comedy to the state of post-Communist countries.

I think I’ll be alright here.

Shit Socialist

The shows, both yesterday and today, have been a lot of fun to perform.

Yesterday I hit a milestone, because I finally received enough money through my bucket collection that I have now covered all of my costs for putting on this show.  I don’t mind saying, I am very happy with that.

I was slightly reticent about today’s show, purely because last Saturday’s show had been possibly the toughest one of the run so far.  It had been full, but the energy from the audience had been poor, and it turned in to something of a staring competition.

Other acts said at the time that they had faced similar.  This is possibly because it’s very busy, so people take a chance on something, and see random stuff.  I know people were turned away because the show was full, so that makes it even more frustrating.  If only I could have cherry picked the audience members to be removed…

Anyway, in the end the show today was great.  I actually ended up with 35 in, even though the capacity is 30 (5 were willing to stand).

Great energy, with an ‘up for it’ crowd.  Very much enjoyed it.

Hopefully tomorrow is the same, before I have to face dealing with the difficulties of my last ‘mid-week’ shows.


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.