Edinburgh diary 14/08/19 – Back down to earth

I have had four days in a row of having full rooms, but today the numbers dropped down again.

Whilst the weather was decent enough, you could just feel that the numbers of people around in general were lower than the last few days.

It was still fine overall.  I had 20 in, and the energy was decent, but compared to yesterday in particular, it felt like a bit of drag.  As I say, it was fine, but it knocks your mood down a little.

It was nice to have Ben from CSz come in to see the show.  He went straight from my show to the train station to go home, so it was really nice of him to take the time for me.

I might look at paying someone to flyer for me next week.  It’s strange with this room, because it’s so small, that I can have random days that you expect to be quiet and you end up full (like yesterday).  Paying someone to flyer on those days is therefore pointless.

However, the quiet days have all come midweek, as you’d expect, even if not consistently.  So it still makes sense to invest in that I think.

Once upon a Time in Hollywood

I came back to the flat intending to go to the gym, then I had a nap.  Long story short, the gym didn’t happen.

Looking at something to do for the evening, in the end I went to watch ‘Once upon a Time in Hollywood’ with Laura from CSz.

It was very good.  I think.

Yeah, it’s one of those.  The reviews have generally said similar, and I understand why.  Not sure how I feel about the ending, although I think I understand the statement it was making about the fantasy of what 60s Hollywood represented.

I was also not sure about how I felt about going to the cinema during the largest arts festival in the world.  To be honest, it was nice to have a little normality away from the Fringe, even if for just one evening.


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