Edinburgh diary 13/08/19 – great show, and a trip to Mount Olympus

The good vibes continued today.  Decent weather, lovely show, all going well.

I was slightly worried with it being a Tuesday that numbers may drop off.  But the weather was very good again.  Like yesterday, generally sunny without being too hot, and a nice breeze.

No worries about rain keeping people away then.  I ended up with a full room, and three standing.  It was also, possibly, the best show of the run.

As with yesterday, having slightly cooler, but dry weather, meant that the room was at it’s most comfortable to be in.  The audience had a great energy, and the show rolled along very nicely.

I also had my best takings from the bucket collection by a fair margin.

Tomorrow rain has been forecast, so lets see if the good times can continue…

Dr Who Improv

Dr who improv Edinburgh

After the show I reffed the afternoon ComedySportz show.  Compared to the room I’d left behind, the energy levels were lower, despite a very good turnout.  In the end the show went well, but it took work.  Those who played did an excellent job.

Following that I went to see a Dr Who improv show with fellow CSz’er Laura: ‘Any Suggestions Doctor?

Today’s show involved a cat that had distorted time, and took place among the Gods on Mount Olympus.  As well as having excellent knowledge of Dr Who, the cast demonstrated rather good knowledge of Greek mythology.

These red brick University educated long form improv types, eh?  They don’t teach stuff like this at Salford Uni.

I enjoyed the show, and as longform improv shows go that I’ve seen at festivals, this was certainly among the better ones.  Sure, it was five blokes and one woman, all white, but at least the woman was an integral part of the cast, and not steamrollered over as I’ve seen before.

Pick of the Fringe

My last show was doing a spot at the ‘Pick of the Fringe’ night.  It was a full show, and the audience for this were in a really good mood.  Every act got a good reaction.

The first time I did the show, the audience were decent, but a little low energy.  The second time I did the show it was pulled completely due to low numbers.  So having such a nice one here was a good lift in comparison.

The only thing that upset me tonight was a passing silent disco – the one thing all performers on the Fringe take a dislike to:

I know that may come across as a bit mean spirited, but you’ve probably never had a performance drowned out by a group of 50 people singing the chorus to ‘Wonderwall’ with no music before.


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO