Edinburgh diary 12/08/19 – an easy day

Chris Tavner Edinburgh

Today the comedy Gods (and the sun) shined on the performers at the Fringe.

The weather held up all day, and was dry with good patches of sun.  Even better than that, there was a slightly cool breeze, so our rooms were not as obnoxiously warm as they have been.

There were also plenty of people about.  As it was a Monday, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect numbers wise, but I had another full show, and had to turn some people away as well.

It was also nice to have my Uncle-in-law’s girlfriend come.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as an ‘Uncle-in-law’, but there you go.  Also had Tony Kinsella come down, a comedy circuit regular from Manchester, not to mention a solid lefty.

It was a nice show to perform, and there was a good energy in the room.

Gym and good nutrition

After doing the late ComedySportz show as normal I got back to the flat intending to go straight back out to the gym.  I decided to have a quick nap, and before I knew it it was 8pm.  As that only allowed me two hours before the gym would close, I had to resort to an Uber so I would have enough time.

It’s interesting trying to workout in Edinburgh.  For one thing, it’s finding enough time to workout around other commitments (performing and watching shows), but there is also the issue of nutrition.

I have salad stuff in, and lots of chicken, but it’s hard to get the balance right.  What I need to do, to get stronger, is eat a lot of food, but it has to be the right stuff.

What I end up doing in Edinburgh is generally not eating enough food because I’m on the run, and when I do eat enough, it’s absolute crap.

Case in point, on the way home from the gym today I got myself a chicken kebab with rice and chips.  Not exactly the diet of a Mr Universe.

Also, getting rice AND chips was excessive, but then, I am in the land of the carbohydrate.  Seriously, Edinburgh is carb mad.  The other day I flyered someone who was having a macaroni cheese sandwich with chips.  You know, there’s almost some protein in there…

Spice girls aloud

Before I go, is it just me, or does this look like Cheryl Cole has landed on hard times, and has had to resort to playing Victoria Beckham in a Spice Girls musical?

Spice Girls Cheryl Cole Edinburgh Fringe


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