Edinburgh diary 10/08/19 – strange audiences

Chris Tavner poster

This was the second Saturday of the Fringe.  As it’s a Saturday, you would expect it to be busy, and we were not let down.

Getting anywhere was hard work, as you had to work your way through throngs of people.  And as is typical of Edinburgh, the weather veered from roasting us alive, to full on thunder storms.  Stupid, stupid weather.

I was hoping with how busy it was that I would have a full show for Shit Socialist, and that’s what I got.

It’s not all great though, as overall, I would say today was my least favourite show of the run so far.  It wasn’t a complete loss, but it was a real drag today to get any reaction from the audience.

There were laughs peppered throughout, but there were just too many hot, tired, apathetic people in.  When I had 11 in a couple of days ago that was hard, but understandably so.  Today was the first time that I had a busy show, and that it hadn’t gone well.

I don’t think it was me, and I know that sounds really egotistical.  But with the Fringe you are performing the same show every day, so you have a handle on how well it is going.  I know, from all of those performances, that I have at the least a decent show on my hands.  Not that the audience in tonight knew that, apparently.  Meh.


So far, I’ve not really been to see many shows, as I’ve been too busy performing myself.  But tonight I went to see Notflix with CSz comrade Vicki.

It’s an improvised musical based on a film suggestion from the audience.  The suggestion is an existing film, but they base the improv purely on the brief description of the film by the audience member.

It’s always good to see different longform shows, and look at the mechanics of how they work.  Here, the cast is sharp, and very strong in musical improv.

I enjoyed the show, but I always find myself feeling tense in such shows to see if they can bring all the threads together. It doesn’t always happen, and I find that irritating.  Balls to the journey!

But yes, this was all tied up nicely.  It was also lovely to see our friend Jade shining in the cast, getting many of the biggest laughs.

Big Gay Story Slam

To end the evening I took part in the Big Gay Story Slam.  This was a story telling show, showcasing LGBT+ talent, also featuring some straight storytellers (who they count as allies, such as me).

There was a nice mix of acts on, but it was a slightly odd atmosphere to work in.  I was on first, so that didn’t help.  However, it must be said that this was a storytelling show, not stand up, so the vibe is different.

In the end though, I won the story slam!

I mean, that is mostly because I was only one of two acts who had stayed to the end, but hey – a win’s a win!


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

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