Edinburgh diary 08/08/19 – back on it

I’ve had two tricky days in a row.  11 on Tuesday and 18 yesterday.  While having 18 in was an improvement, the energy in the room dragged a bit.  I did the job, but it didn’t feel the best.

But today it picked up again and I had 27 in.  I must say as well, it was possibly the most enjoyable show I’ve done so far.

It was a lift I needed.  While I wasn’t too down from the last couple of days, another tough one would have been hard to take.

On top of that, I was starting to feel a bit run down.  My voice, whilst better with some good sleep, was still no where near 100%.  I just about managed my show, but doing ComedySportz after was ridiculous.

I wasn’t even playing, I was doing sound, which meant announcing the games by mic.  My voice really struggled though.  Afterwards one of the players, Vicki, said I sounded like a monster.  That was probably kind.

Cancelled gig

I spent some time resting up and then went out to do the Pick of the Fringe show.  Apparently, the ‘pick of the fringe’ isn’t as attractive as you’d think it was, as it got cancelled after only four turned up.

It says something about me that I would have performed for only four people, but it wasn’t to be.

One positive was having a laugh with Aaron Twitchen, who was also meant to be on.  He’d been given a drink with a ton of ice, and asked the barman politely if he could have another glass so he could take some of the ice out.

The barman, confused, said “but it’s to make your drink cold.”

I loved his retelling of his response – “I was trying to not be a bitch, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘yes, I know how ice works’.”


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO