Edinburgh diary 07/08/19 – Black Wednesday

Black Wednesday

Yesterday I had my lowest turnout so far – 11.  I was told that today is ‘black Wednesday’, so I was braced for it to be just as bad.

In the end though, I had very respectable 18 in.  The weather might have helped, as soon after my show began, the heavens opened.  One thing you can say about my room, it does have a roof!

In fact, the rain got that bad, that I had to close the window by the stage area as it was so loud.  That is a hard choice when you’re performing in such a sweat box.

The crowd were affected by the muggy heat today for sure.  I could see a few waning, but manged to keep them engaged.  It took work.  It meant that this wasn’t the best reception of the show so far, but I was happy with it all the same.

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Comedy Club 4 Kids

I didn’t mention in yesterdays blog that I had performed a short set at ‘Comedy Club 4 Kids‘.  Pretty much self explanatory by it’s title, I have performed on their shows many times in the past with ComedySportz, but never by myself.

Today I saw that the show I did had been given a four star review which was very nice.  I can hardly claim a lions share here with just a small set, but it’s still a pleasant bit of news to get.

Here’s the review at Deadline News

This bit is nice:

Every child in the room tittered, snorted and belly laughed through each act and their grownups didn’t feel left out. Plenty of asides went over the little heads, landing subtly with parents who can decide for themselves whether they want to explain their laughter.

I must say, the show was a blast, with acts creating a nice bit of chaos between them.  Eleanor Morton managed to get most of the kids there crowded on to the stage.

Closing the show was Lee Kyle, with his bodyguard, professional wrestler Colt Cabana.  During their set Colt picked up and literally moved several kids to new families, and at Lee’s behest, they tried to steal everyone’s shoes.

Wonderful stuff.  Afterwards I had a quick chat with Colt Cabana (not his real name, but I’ve not told you that).  He told me he had taken courses with ComedySportz in Chicago, so that’s a cool connection to have.

Silent comedy

After the deluge ended, and we got back to the flat after both Shit Socialist and the later ComedySportz show, I just about built the impetus to head to the gym.

Well done me.

After that was Crime of the Hour, and in the very first scene I screamed at someone in character so much that I fucked my already raw voice.  I’m now only able to speak in a whisper!

Well done me.

Since getting back the flat I have had orange juice, honey and warm water, and a lozenge.  Hopefully that on top of a good nights sleep will do the trick.

I hope so, because I don’t think I can perform Shit Socialist entirely through mime!  Let’s see what rest can do…


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO