Edinburgh diary 06/08/19 – A slump day, I did it!

I was saying just yesterday that everything was going suspiciously well.  Good health, good numbers in my shows every day, all good.

Well, I only went ahead and achieved what I thought was going to happen at some point – a slump!

Today I had my lowest numbers of the Fringe so far: 11 people.  Even then, saying it was 11 people was generous, as two came in late, and then left after 20 minutes.

Oh yeah, did I also mention I had my first walk outs as well?  Boom!

To be fair, they did not crack a smile once during the time they were in the room, so I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.  They did leave me £5 though, so God only know what they would have given me if they thought it was good!

Unfortunately in this list of ‘shit out’ records, there is a positive side.  Whilst the numbers were low, the rest of the audience all seemed to enjoy the show.  And in terms of takings, my average per customer was the third highest so far.

I know it’s a bit weird to quantify how well a show has gone based on income alone, but hey, I did say I was a shit Socialist.

Improv and #Salfunni

As has been normal so far, I didn’t have too much time to reflect on this at the time, because I had other shows to do.  Straight from the show I went to do the later ComedySportz show, which was fun as always.

Also compered the #salfunni show, showcasing talent from the Salford University comedy degree.  That was a lot of fun, and this time, as it wasn’t completely full, I could actually sit in the room itself and watch the acts.

That also meant I got the benefit of not having to sit in the bar area of this pop up venue, next to the stinky festival toilets.  Seriously, the ammonia in there was so bad last time, I’m sure my eyebrows went blonder.

Finally I did the Crime of the Hour improv show.  This was my last chance to perform with our American guests Jeff, Leslie and Jen.  They have been great company.

Completely sane scenes commenced, including me trying to hawk illegal Skittles, working in a ‘murder tescos’, and having a dick off.  As you know, a dick off is western style shoot out, but with… well, you get it.  I sharpened mine to a point, but still didn’t win!

Back to it tomorrow.  Wednesday is the day I expected to be the hardest, so lets see if this slump continues, and if so, how I deal with it.


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO