Edinburgh diary 03/08/19 – Meet the press, and a full room

Meet the press Edinburgh

The first Saturday is here at last!  After having the warm up days of Thursday and Friday to preview and tweak our shows, the Edinburgh Fringe really begins today.

I started early, with a story telling show, Tales of Whatever, beginning at 10.50am.  It was strange performing so early, but at the same time, it was a great to be in a situation where I could perform at that time.

The energy was more sedate, as you can imagine, but the acts certainly gave some punch.  An American act finished a bit about being hoodwinked in to do doing foot porn with a great punchline: #MeToe.

I explained when I went on after her that there was no way I was going to top that.  However, they were very receptive, and I enjoyed my set there.

All seats taken

After having a slightly smaller audience yesterday, despite having more people around, I was determined to promote my show as much as possible.

After getting set up in my room I went back to do some last minute flyering.  A staff member from the venue stopped me, saying “we’ve been looking for you.  Your shows full.”

“Oh,” I said “I guess I’ll stop flyering then”.

True enough, there was a big queue waiting me.  They easily filled the room, even after the staff brought in some spare chairs.  I was told after that the staff had to turn away around 20 people.  Not bad for turnout then.

The show was really nice again, although interestingly, this was the first time that I had audible gasps after explaining that I was a left wing leave voter.  Didn’t lose them, but it certainly got a reaction.  Nicely summarised with this nice tweet after the show:

Meet the press

After my show I went over to the ‘meet the press’ event.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out it’s like speed dating, but that the press are the hot guy/girl that everyone wants to get with, and we’re the nerds trying to impress them.

Basically you queue to meet a representative from each publication and explain about your show, giving them your flyer and press release.  As my show didn’t finish until 4.15pm I could only get there late (the event was 1-6pm – a long slog).

It turns out that going late is the best thing to do, as the queues were not too bad when I got there.  Apparently when it started people were queuing around the corner to be seen.  Only time will tell if it was worth doing or not.


Crime of the Hour

In the evening I compered the Salford University students showcase at 9.15pm.  They had a full room, which was great, and as a Salford alumni and resident, it was a pleasure to do.

The venue itself was certainly a challenge, as it was a makeshift ‘pop up’ venue on Cowgate.  Completely open at the entrance, the room itself only had a curtain to try and keep out the loud house music from the bar opposite.

That didn’t seem to effect the students though, who provided a great show.

Following that I did ‘Crime of the Hour‘, an ‘Armando’ style long form improv show, based on the telling of various serial killers stories.  Our improv is based on the strange aspects about the persons lives, rather than the crime itself.

A very small audience unfortunately, but it was interesting to do a different format of improv.  Playing with our American friends is also always welcome.

So, a really good and busy Saturday, lets see what Sunday brings.  Unfortunately, rain has been forecast.  And I’ve heard it’s here to stay!


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

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