Edinburgh diary 04/08/19 – all the weather, one day!

ComedySportz Edinburgh 2019

The climate of Edinburgh must be a unique one.  Where else could you get the weather of all the years seasons in one day?

When I left to flyer for the early ComedySportz show, just before 11am, it was grey but warm.  Then the heavens opened, so on goes the waterproof.  After schlepping myself up the hill (everywhere is uphill in Edinburgh, somehow), being in the warm and wet meant I was soaked with sweat, so I might as well have not bothered with the waterproof at all.

After the early show it was so warm and sunny I had to put on sun cream.  Stupid, stupid weather.

The history of dance

The two ComedySportz shows were a lot of fun.  In the first one I did a guessing game with Bron called ‘Historical Ballet’.  I had to get Bron to guess three historical events: The big bang, The black death, and the invention of the iPhone; purely through the medium of dance.

Managed it!  The skills that pay the bills, and all that.

Another full show

Shit Socialist was full again, with about 10 turned away.  Again, very nice to do.  I’m really in to the flow of things now, and wasn’t even tempted to check my notes!  Mostly because I’d accidentally left them at home, but still…

One thing I have noticed is that the amount of donations per person is definitely lower with a larger crowd, strangely enough.  Perhaps because it feels more personal for a smaller crowd, or maybe they feel under more pressure to give money, I’m not sure.  Don’t think it was to do with the response to the show.

But I also had a younger crowd in, and maybe its beyond what they could afford.  If that’s the case, I don’t mind at all – I’m just happy to have them in and enjoying the show.

The rest of the night, for once, I had free.  So I managed to get to the gym, and then came home and shared a Chinese take away with flatmates.  Who said I was going to look after my diet during the Fringe?


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO