Edinburgh diary 02/08/19

Cabaret Voltaire

It feels like I’m getting in to the swing of things now.  I now know where my venue is, the venues for ComedySportz, the accommodation, my gym, even the nearest Tesco Metro.

However, I did get small scare with my audience numbers.  As I got 14 in yesterday (a very good number as it was the Thursday), I assumed I should be able to get more today.  It was definitely busier today around town, so that expectation felt justified.

After flyering the tables at the Peartree I found a couple who were coming, so taht was a start.  But when I went up at 3pm for the room changeover to set up, I realised that the day before I already had a few people queuing to come in.

I flyered a couple who came out after a show who I managed to persuade to turn round and go back in.  I honestly thought I might only have four in!  But when I went back to my room, a  few minutes before the start, there was a small queue on the stairs.  Phew.

There were 12 in total.  2 less than yesterday, but no disaster at all.  And they were lovely.  I could also feel that bit more sharpness than the day before, which is all part of the process.

Shit boss

In one section I talk to the audience to find out who had had the worst job.  A guy today certainly won the prize so far for having the worst manager.

He worked for a supermarket, and one weekend he and his friends had been attacked by a gang.  One friend ended up with head injuries and had to go to hospital.  When back at work the day after, he got a call to say that his friend was at deaths door, and to go to him immediately.

He explained this to his manager, but she wouldn’t let him go.  She said “nah, you’ve just got a hangover, you’re not going”.  I know people make up excuses, but ‘friend dying after a gang attack’, even for the most cynical manager, is not one of them

Pick of the Fringe

Cabaret Voltaire Long Room Edinburgh

In the evening I went over and did the Laughing Horse ‘Pick of the Fringe’ show, doing a short spot to advertise my show.  It was a room in Cabaret Voltaire, which I had not been in before.

It’s like a Mad Max fantasy vision of what a Fringe venue could be.  Pretty cool, even if it does seem a bit dirty (even though it’s probably squeaky clean).

I opened the show, and my spot went fine.  No fireworks, but then I wasn’t doing a club set, I was doing a set to promote my show.  Those who enjoyed it were more likely to come to Shit Socialist, instead of dishing up whatever would work best in the room, a that would miss sell what I was about.

Chippy sauce

After a bit of late night flyering, I realised that I was starving.

I had decided before the Fringe that I would be careful to keep a healthy diet, to help take care of my general well being.  So far, I have managed that – salads et al.

Tonight though, I wanted chips.  In Edinburgh, you don’t have to go far.

I got a burger with blue cheese (is there a better topping?*), chips and a pint.  A lovely, lovely pint.  My first real drink of the Fringe.  A crisp, cold, Bierra Moretti.  Ahhhhhhhhh!

I also had chippy sause for the first time.  In all my time going up to Edinburgh I had never had it before.  It’s like brown sauce, but more vinegary, and perfect for chips.  Apparently, it pretty much only exists in Edinburgh.

I expect the Fringe to widen my horizons, but I wasn’t expecting that to happen in a chip shop!

My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

ComedySportz is on twice daily – INFO


*No, there isn’t