Diary: 15th Feb 19 – #FridaysForFuture protest, and being an International Artiste


Part of the reason I’m developing my show ‘Sh*t Socialist’, is to address my laziness in being organised as an activist.  An example was today, where I got involved in the large #FridaysForFuture protest purely because I walked past it in town.

The #FridaysForFuture protests have taken place across Britain, with students coming out on strike for climate justice, from schools, colleges and universities.  The demo in Manchester was attended by several hundred this dinner time.  It was a great atmosphere, with speeches, chanting, and lots of home made banners on display.

In my typical Laissez-Faire approach, even though I knew it was happening, I hadn’t planned to go down.  In the end I passed by, went to see what was going on, and ended up bumping to comrades from the SWP.  That led to selling papers, which I’m glad I did.  The attitude and energy of the students was infectious.  There are certain to be more protests happening in the future.

International artiste – Portugal

CSz UK ‘mob’ in Portugal

Part of the reason for not being the most switched on politically right now is that I’ve been jet-setting across Europe performing.  Did you not know I was in demand across the world?  Obvs.

It came about a few weeks ago when we I was booked to perform with a few of my CSz UK chums at a murder mystery in Portugal.  It involved pretending to be a mob hard man at a private dinner, and having a couple of days in the sun in and around Faro.  That, and I was nicely recompensed in the process.  I’ve had tougher jobs!

Spotted near Faro – “Karaoke Mondays at the strip club anyone?” said no one ever. Bleurg.

…and then Paris

Chris Tavner Paris Eiffel Tower
Always a pleasure to gig along the Fylde coast

As soon as I got back home I was contacted about doing another similar event, but this time in Paris!

This time though, instead of being part of a team, I would be leading the event by myself.  A little daunting, certainly, but definitely a challenge I was looking forward to.

A ‘sketch off’ in Montmartre. But who pays who?

To add to the challenge I was rather ill.  As in, shitting myself inside out ‘rather ill’ (TMI?).

Thankfully I was well enough to enjoy a day in Montmartre before the event at the Paris Hilton.  The event itself was a corporate booking for a business looking for some extra entertainment around a meal they were having during a few days planning for the year ahead.

Various managers played the roles of the murder suspects, and the whole group had a blast.  It was a lot of fun to be part of.

As I enjoyed a glass of wine post-event with them, I reflected on what it would be like if this was my life now – my norm from now on.  However, I had to return to Salford the next day.  4am pick up for a 7.10am flight, that was delayed by almost 2 hours.

Yeah, that brought me back to reality!