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This was the second Saturday of the Fringe.  As it’s a Saturday, you would expect it to be busy, and we were not let down.

Getting anywhere was hard work, as you had to work your way through throngs of people.  And as is typical of Edinburgh, the weather veered from roasting us alive, to full on thunder storms.  Stupid, stupid weather. Continue reading

I was all set up for a difficult day today.  It’s a Monday, not the weekend, and storms have been forecast.

Apart from a bit of rain in the morning, the day was glorious.  As for the audience for Shit Socialist, I had 27 in, just shy of capacity.  The show was nice again.  I’m also illness free whilst all around me people are going down with ‘Fringe flu’.

It all feels a bit suspicious.

To temper this though, it was explained to me that while it is a Monday, today is generally a busy day.  I believe it’s a bank holiday of sorts (just in Scotland, I think), and the regular paid shows have their 2-4-1 tickets available.

Ok, so maybe doom is coming after all.  Hurray!

Improv Cage Match

A bunch of our American guests were taking part in the Improv Cage Match tonight.  Performing as their group, Weisenheimer, they fielded a number of suggestions to create a 20 minute long form collection of scenes.

I felt they did particularly well dealing with the suggestion ‘Acorn Antiques: the musical’.  I think it’s fair to say that the genius of Victoria Wood has not made it over to America yet.  We ended up with a musical number about an acorn becoming a tree, which is fair enough.

They did great, as did the house team following them.  It’s the first time I’ve seen this show, and I would certainly recommend it.

Crime of the Hour

Ending the night, I took part in another show of ‘Crime of the Hour’: the longform we’ve been booked to do with our improv based on the strange aspects to do with true crime.

The last show I did had all of three people in, so to have a dozen or so made a huge difference.  The players were made up of me and various CSz Manchester players, along with Nina from America.

The show was a lot of fun, and I did scenes that included me as Jesus owning a bar, who then went on to try and fleece inexperienced sellers at a car boot seller.  I also played the role of Napoleon Bonaparte (you could tell that is who I was as I had my hand in my shirt.  Classic Bonaparte, ask anyone).

A quiet pint after in the bar, then a lazy Uber home.  Will tomorrow be a tough one, or can I keep this streak up?


My show, Shit Socialist, is on 3.15pm, 1-25 Aug, at The Counting House (Attic).  Free entry, PWYW.

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ComedySportz Edinburgh 2019

The climate of Edinburgh must be a unique one.  Where else could you get the weather of all the years seasons in one day?

When I left to flyer for the early ComedySportz show, just before 11am, it was grey but warm.  Then the heavens opened, so on goes the waterproof.  After schlepping myself up the hill (everywhere is uphill in Edinburgh, somehow), being in the warm and wet meant I was soaked with sweat, so I might as well have not bothered with the waterproof at all.

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