Art and Revolution: Writings on Literature, Politics & CultureArt and Revolution: Writings on Literature, Politics & Culture by Leon Trotsky
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As a revolutionary, Trotsky never writes in a vacuum, separate from practice. As with Lenin and others, it is important when reading any of his work to understand what was happening in politics at that time, and what he was responding to. Underlying any of his thoughts on art and culture are wider arguments he is carrying forward. Continue reading

Footballers lockdown Chris Tavner

Politicians must be delighted.  They are increasingly facing a backlash as they endure questions about the lack of PPE and testing to combat the Coronavirus crisis.

But now they have an enemy they can use to distract away from their own shortcomings – footballers.

For the most part, this crisis has shown within society our resilience and sense of community at its best.  We look out for each other, setting up community action groups.  Offering to get shopping and vital supplies for older and vulnerable neighbours. Continue reading

Chris Tavner sleep
During the upheaval of this lockdown, many people are struggling to maintain good and healthy routines, and sleep is an essential part of that.

It does seem kind of crazy that sleep should be a difficult thing to do.  Afterall, it is the very definition of ‘doing nothing’. How can doing nothing be difficult? Continue reading

Chris Tavner ComedySportz

As I write this, we are a week or so in to social distancing due to the Corona virus.  Comedian’s like myself have been hit hard due to bars, theatres, etc being shut down.  As such, our normal income has been cut entirely.

Being, by definition, entrepreneurial, many comics and promoters have come up with other ways to generate income from their own home, usually by putting content out online and asking for donations.  This has created for me yet another way for my stupid brain to generate anxiety. Continue reading

Peartree counting house Edinburgh

Today was the last of my midweek shows.  From tomorrow we move in to the territory of the final weekend.

It’s been a strange few days in one way, as I’ve had a lot less contact with people.  For over two weeks I was sharing a house with the ComedySportz guys, and that meant constant company, including going to shows with people. Continue reading