Sound desk Chris Tavner

Two regular nights of comedy this week – The New Adelphi Comedy show at Salford University (first half is short form improv games with my CSz Manchester troupe, the second half a show case for students stand up that I MC) and my regular stand up night at The Snipe in Audenshaw.

Being part of an improv troupe, a group, means that we have to take it in turns to do the different jobs required to run a show. Some times this means doing the door and taking tickets, for instance. Of course we would all like to play in every show, but someone has to do these jobs, so the fairest option is that we take it in turns. I completely agree that this is fair. Continue reading


Part of the reason I’m developing my show ‘Sh*t Socialist’, is to address my laziness in being organised as an activist.  An example was today, where I got involved in the large #FridaysForFuture protest purely because I walked past it in town.

The #FridaysForFuture protests have taken place across Britain, with students coming out on strike for climate justice, from schools, colleges and universities.  The demo in Manchester was attended by several hundred this dinner time.  It was a great atmosphere, with speeches, chanting, and lots of home made banners on display.

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diary Chris Tavner

I’ve decided to experiment with a more traditional diary type of blog.

Along with other longer form posts, I will use this diary to review the previous week, taking in to account key experiences along with what I have been reading, watching, and what things have caught my interest in the news.

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Putin World Cup Socialist

The World Cup is upon us. As a Socialist it brings up unpleasant displays of Nationalism I disagree with, along with the financial excesses of the rich elite. As a football fan though, I can’t help but be excited.

Whilst the Champions League probably deserves to boast of having the greatest teams (with players assembled through the market, rather than nationality), the World Cup is still the greatest trophy any professional footballer can hope to win.

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Jeremy Corbyn

It’s a good job that Jeremy Corbyn has many years experience of maintaining his allotment, as dealing with manure for his spuds will have set him up nicely for managing all the shit that has been thrown at him recently.

One the countries longest standing anti-racist activists is now an anti-semite.  This will be a surprise for many, not least of which for Jeremy Corbyn himself.  But I suppose these things can sneak up on you. Continue reading

Finally, the election is upon us.  I am desperate for a Labour win.  My feelings can be summed up by a phrase a friend used recently about the situation – “I can handle despair, it’s the hope that’s killing me!”

Seriously, my nerves are shot.  It was one thing when MayBot announced the election and the feeling was that, with the state of the opinion polls, a Tory victory appeared almost certain.  Now those numbers for the Tories have all but evaporated, and it’s too close to call.

I don’t think mainstream electoral politics has been this inspiring sine the mid 90s.  Yes, it might have been Blair, and we all know what followed.  But at the time of the 97 election the Tories were hated and falling apart.  Blair had a broad appeal to the middle ground, and particularly women voters.  At the same time people knew that change was actually possible. Continue reading

Chris Tavner Dorset stag

Last weekend I traveled down south with my fiance for our Dorset stag and hen do’s.

I was born and brought up in Poole, Dorset.  I moved up to the Manchester area to go to Salford University in 2001, and have lived up here ever since.

When you consider the beauty of the place, I often get asked why I haven’t moved back home.  It’s not quite the idyllic land of farmers and yacht owning millionaires everyone thinks it is. Continue reading

5 min journalIn my last blog I looked at techniques I use to increase my productivity through mindfulness, meditation, and journalling.  Here I will talk about a further journalling technique that helps me to take time to reflect – the 5 Minute Journal.

Spending time in your distant past is not helpful, but taking time to reflect on your immediate past can be.  It is about looking at the here and now, not about ruminating on a time long since gone. Continue reading