scootersLast week, in but the dead of night, my girlfriend had her scooter stolen from our back garden.

It’s a horrible thing to happen as it’s not just a vehicle that’s gone missing, it’s something that is yours, something you own and feel connected to. It gave her freedom and happiness. She had even given it a name – Scoot. Continue reading

In my last blog I noted how public opinion appeared to be changing around the issue of refugees following the tragic death of Aylan Kurdi.  Even The Sun was willing to suggest that David Cameron should allow Britain to take in larger numbers.

Whilst sympathy towards refugees has grown, there has also been something of a backlash.  The narrative appears to often now be “I understand that there are a lot of people fleeing war, but I don’t understand why they’re coming here”.

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chimpI am a dreadful procrastinator. By which, I suppose, I should mean I’m a really good procrastinator.

A bad procrastinator, when faced with any given task, would completely fail to get distracted or sidetracked. They wouldn’t put off any difficult tricky jobs in their life, but instead would just get on with them. Completely failing to waste their time – a woeful performance if you want to be a pro level procrastinator. Continue reading